Extinction Level

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Releases 2024

Markus Reuter: Touch Guitars AU8 and S8, Soundscapes
Alexander Paul Dowerk: Touch Guitars S8
Bernhard Wöstheinrich: Keyboards and Electronics
Asaf Sirkis: Drums and Percussion

All music written and performed by Anchor and Burden
Recorded by Arno Jordan at Castle Studios, Röhrsdorf, Germany
Mixed by Stefano Castagna at Ritmo&Blu Studio
Mastered by Lee Fletcher
Produced by Markus Reuter and Alexander Paul Dowerk
Artwork by Ruben Pang, www.rubenpangstudio.com
Graphic Design by Alexander Paul Dowerk
© & ℗ 2024 Reuter, Dowerk, Wöstheinrich, Sirkis

Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.

about the album

Anchor and Burden, the progressive avant-garde doom-jazz post-metal group, descend once more from their kosmonautik pilgrimage with a cataclysmic new album, "EXTINCTION LEVEL".

The depths of this offering are filled with a malevolent intensity, as the album deals with the very end of mankind itself and its inevitable descent into a self-wrought apocalypse that engulfs the earth which cradles it.
Decaying soundscapes crushed into the ground by titanic guitar chords. Banshee-like wails of lead guitars pierce the air, as polyrhythmic pulsations clash in a grotesque ballet forming stifling biomechanical machinery. Anchor and Burden continue to shatter the molds of musical convention and cast themselves into the abyss of an uncertain and treacherous morrow.

Among the 23 enigmatic pieces some asssault the senses with pure bestial ferocity, blasting high velocity shreds that leave nothing but scorched desolation in its wake. Others creep with the viscosity of black sludge, their forms ephemeral, only to dissolve back into the morass of doom which saturates their essence.

Relentless they forge ahead, even in moments of apparent calm, where disquiet lurks, ever ready to be shattered by sudden sonic burst. This is not mere music; it is an entity unchained, ripping flesh from bone, rending the very soul from its mortal vessel.

If you are ready to confront the darkest side of human emotion and existence, this album will provide a powerful and moving experience.

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